The P Word. What fully cooked love looks like

The Burrito problem

Have you ever tried to cook a frozen burrito in the microwave and gotten a little impatient? Ok I confess, that’s when I knew I had a patience problem. My problem is that  instead of letting it cook fully  I take it out early and now have a frozen in the middle gross burrito that isn’t good for anything. In Corinthians 13 :4-7 it’s says love plays out firstly in patience. It takes time to fully cook. Love that is impatient doesn’t fully cook and ultimately feels cold, unpalatable and gross. “Love” that is impatient with people and sees the problem more than the person isn’t real love. Love that seeks results over relationship isn’t real love. Love the uses people like pawns rather than prizes the person in front of them isn’t real love. Love that treats people like roadblocks rather than treasured relationships isn’t real love.

The root the the fruit of patience is the Spirit of God (love, joy peace, patience…). The root to the fruit of impatience is Pride and selfishness.

Love is patient and kind. Love takes time to fully cook. I think we settle for a frozen in the middle love because of our own impatience with people and ourselves.

What the world needs now is unselfish humble patient love.

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