Best Apps for Pastors 2020

Best apps for pastors (2020)

Study Apps

1). Olive Tree Bible App. I absolutely love this app. My favourite part is the Strong’s tag system.   It has revolutionized how I read the bible. I can see the word in the original language with the definition without leaving the page or leaving the text. Just click the word and a window pops up with everything I need to know. I can have a commentary follow along below the text all the while never leaving the text. I confess, I am easily distracted. So it is life changing to have all these tools on the same page as the text.

2). Youversion. This is an amazing resource for the right price. Free. My favourite part is the audio bible portion.
3). Kindle. It is amazing to be able to have my entire reading library in my pocket.  
4). Audible. Drive, working out, or work outside while you read a book. Life changing.  
5). Apple podcast.


1). Notability. This is by far my favourite app for notes. Handwriting notes, audio notes, typed out notes, saved articles, or annotated notes, you can do it all here. Sermons, teachings, quotes, articles, event files, and everything else you need is stored in one place with a ridiculously good search function makes this a must have for anyone that has to present and organize content.

It works so great for public speaking. The iOS sleep timer is a huge win. This function will keep the screen from falling asleep and turning off when the app is open. It also has a great function that lets you touch the screen without the edit mode or the keyboard to open up.
2). Pop Out Timer. I have yet to find a great word processor, or notes app that has a decent  presentation mode with a timer. So, I use notability with all the great features and use the floating “pop out timer” so that I can time out my sermons well.


1). OpenPhone. Keep your personal phone number personal with a dedicated VOIP phone app with a dedicated phone number. Unlimited long distance, texting, voice to text email with most importantly business hours so that people can call you at all times of the night.  
2). Spark email. This is by far my favourite email client for iOS.  
3). Slack. The best team chat option


1). Calendar 5. In my opinion fantastical and calendar 5 are the best iOS calendar apps. Fantastical is a subscription based option. It is ultimately more expensive than calendar 5. Calendar 5 is a one time purchase and is so powerful. Love it.  
2).Things 3. This is simply put beautifully designed. I the drag and drop input options.
3). Google suite. Drive. Docs. Etc...
4). Scanner pro. Great for expenses, receipts and more.


1). LumaFusion. It blows my mind what this app can do. An iPad becomes a video production suite. Yes an iPad becomes a beast of a video editing machine with this app. Don’t wast your life with iMovie or any other video editing app when you can pick this up.  
2). Filmic. Hands down the best video recording app.  
3). Filmic remote. This remote app turns an iPhone into a podcasters dream tool.  
4). Shure microphone. Audio quality, compression, limiting, and clarity all come in an app that accompanies the Shure mv88 microphone for iPhones.  


1). WordSwag. It makes a graphic shmo look like a graphical pro. Easy easy easy. Make sermon series graphics in 5 minutes.  
2). Pixelmator is my favourite graphic creation tool for the iPhone or iPad.


Audio bus
Ravenscroft Piano