The Richness

The other day my youngest son stood beside me and repeated “Dad, Dad, Dad, come here” I said to him that I was doing something important. Hold on for a few minutes. “Dad, Dad, Dad I want to show you something”, he said. I said “Son, hold on, not now”. I have to confess something. Sometimes I bring my work home. Sometimes I feel the pressure and I don’t know how to let it go. However, my youngest son is persistent. He grabbed my hand and pulled, put my arm under his armpit and had booths hands  gripped around my hand and he pulled hard. “Come on” he said. I finally caved in and followed where He was pulling me. He pulled me to the table, showed me what he was making, and with a proud face he told me all about his project. I saw my beautiful boy. I saw his heart and his desire to share it with me. It was love. It was intimacy. Right then I walked out of busyness into the blessed life; into the richer. Here is the thing; The richness was there the whole time. My son was trying to bring me there, but I wasn’t listening. John 10 Jesus says that Jesus comes to bring life abundant and lead His sheep to pasture. Psalms says to still waters. To good place. Jesus is trying to lead us there. He says His sheep hear his voice and will not listen to the voice of the stranger. His voice is leading them to the richer deeper, better, more abundant life. We just have to listen.

Romans 8:14 says those who are led by the Spirit are children of God. Romans 8:6 says the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace. Life and peace is what the Spirit leads us to and gives on the inside. If we don’t have life and peace maybe our mind set is set on something else. If it isn’t abundance on the inside and a heart full of the fruit of the Spirit, then we are listening to another voice, being led by someone else. Who is leading us? What are we listening to?

The Holy Spirit is called the Helper. The verbiage behind the meaning of this word explains someone that you can walk with. Take His hand  and let Him lead.

The heart breaking part is that by being busy doing what I thought was important I by consequence communicated that my son wasn’t important. I think we do this often with God. When we struggle to sit and listen, let Him lead, abide and let Him bring the fruit, the victory, the result, and the abundance,  are not only cheating ourselves out of the promises of God, but communicating that he isn’t important enough. We will do what we think is important.

The richness was there the whole time. One of the greatest mistakes of this generation of believers is to think that the life you are looking for ultimately is found in getting the result we want, the project done, circumstances we want, achieving a goal, instead instead of being with Him. He is the life. The resurrection and the life. He brings the fruit, the victory, the real life, and the abundant life. He is the life we are looking for.  

Busyness will always lead to Barrenness. Listening to the wrong voices, desires, and motovarion (motive matters) will always leave us bankrupt, not abundant. If you abide in Him you will bear fruit.

Let Him grab your hand today and pull you, like my son, into the richer.

Psalms 27:8
My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with me.”
And my heart responds, “LORD, I am coming.”

Get away with Him. He is the life you are looking for.