Are you thirsty for a water that will never run dry?
This year, join us as we Hunger & Thirst for the Lord!
During this time, we are seeking to enter into deeper places of prayer & praise as we seek God’s direction and will and experience His presence through fasting and praying as a corporate body!

This is an invitation for:
All Who are THIRSTY &
All Who are HUNGRY to do the will of the Father
(As a corporate church we have chosen to enter into a Daniel fast, you may choose to do a full fast of food, or a partial fast of some other design. We encourage you to seek God’s heart for what is best for you at this time).

Come and commune with God.

You are invited to be a part of Church this weekend.
Sundays at 10am and 11am.

Join the daily community

Need Help?


We  provide emergency hampers, food bank hampers, hot meals, and more.


We have a men's housing complex and 2 women's houses.

Need Help?

We have pastors and volunteers on site to help, talk, and pray.

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Worship & Prayer room

We are an outreach church that lives life on mission to simply love God and love people. The Well is a gathering of people that love God first and most. As ministers of the gospel our first ministry is to God, and then to people. We meet Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays at 11am to pray, worship, and bless God's heart. Then we open our doors and provide hot meals, hampers, clothings, housing, and most of all, a safe place to encounter the God who loves them.

The Well Worship Nights

It's a Jesus thing. It's a kingdom thing. Once a month we gather to lift up the name of Jesus with one voice, and bless His heart with a night of worship and encountering Him.

Next date:
October 22 at 7pm at Eastside
with guest speaker Johnathan Baldwin

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