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Level 1 - Join The Team

Step 1: Join the Team (Volunteer Application)

If you have not filled out the volunteer application form, please take a moment and officially join the team.

Step 2  Join the Local Leader Mentorship Program.

By filling out the form below you are saying you would like to book a meeting with a mentor and get started on your leadership Journey.

Upon Completion of step 1 and step 2 you are officially a part of the
Victory Outreach Team.  You are a Level 1 Volunteer. Congrats!

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Level 2 - Start Serving

Leadership is servanthood

Step 1 - Complete Growth Track (3 class - live course)

Step 2 - Complete 2 Online Course

For each completed Class/Video please take a moment and briefly summarize the Big Idea (Theme/Lesson) and how it applies to you. Your mentor will be receiving all class caps and will follow up with you.

Click the book logo to complete the class cap for each Video

Course 1:  Reckless Love 

4 x 15 minute videos

Course 2: The Basics

7 x 15 Minute Videos

Step 3 - Book a meeting with Leadership

Upon completion of Growth Track, 2 online courses, and a meeting with your mentor,
you will be a level 2 volunteer.You will be able to serve in every area of ministry.

Level 3 - Apprentice 

Start Leading Yourself

Step 1 - Complete 3 Online Courses

Step 2 - Meet monthly with the area Leader

Step 3 - Complete at least 3 meeting with your mentor.

Book your meetings

Upon completion of the 3 online courses and 3 mentorship meetings you will be a level 3 leader and be an apprentice leader.

Level 4 - Lead A TEAM

Step 1 - Monthly mentor meetings with your apprentice and coach 

Step 2 - Complete Online Courses

Please complete a Class Cap for each individual video in each course (when the link includes multiple videos).


Step 3 - Book meeting with Volunteer Coordinator once you have completed all courses

Upon completion of all courses while meeting consistently and dependably with your ministry leader you will be a Level 4 Leader and can lead a ministry of your own. Congrats!

This level leadership will be appointed at the discretion of the pastoral staff.

Level 5 - Coaching: Lead Leaders

Step 1 - Established a track record of leading a growing ministry and the clear ability to raise up leaders (from level 1-4).

Step 2 - Meet consistently and dependably with your site pastor

Step 3 - Finish Online Courses

Step 4 - Book a Mentor Meeting with Sr. Leadership

Level 6 - Lead Your Own Ministry