Growth Track

Grow with us.


We want to grow in our love for God,
for people, and Jesus' vision for His church.
We invite you to come and grow with us.

If you are wanting to take the next steps in your relationship with God, get in community, get to know the heart of the church, the heart of the pastors, or discover what your God given purpose is then Growth Track is something that you would love.

Week 1 
Welcome to Church party.
You are invited to come to get to know the heart of our church, our pastors, and our purpose.

Week 2 
Relationship with JESUS
Jesus didn't come to start a religion but start a relationship with you.
Come learn what this relationship is all about.

Week 3 
Part of our calling is to help you with yours.
Come and discover how God has uniquely designed you and how you fit in.

Week 4 
In Jesus we all have a calling, a purpose, a hope, and a future.
We all have been invited to take part in the greatest love story ever.
Come and find out how you can get involved.

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