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In Luke 4 Jesus says He is going to the poor, the catpive, the blind, and the oppressed. In James it says Pure religion is helpng the poor the widow and the orphan. This is God's heart. If you would like to be a church that goes to the greatest darkness with the Light of Jesus, the greatest borkeness with healing, and the greatest need with provision, and maybe you dont know how. Or maybe you feeling alone? You can join the Victory Outreach network and be mentored in what this looks like and how this could happen in your Church. If you are interested in Joining the Victory Outreach network please message ys below.

Start a home base

A home base is exactly what it sounds like. It is where someone is willing to take what they have and start to reach people. All you need is a heart for Jesus, people and a living room. We mentor the leader and provide the food, while the leader starts a food ministry out of their house, hosts a small group through the Victory Outreach APP, and builds a core group. We provide mentorship for the leader while they build a core group of people. The goal is that when the core groups gets large enough we can plant a church.
If you are nterested in started a home base please message us below

Plant a Church

We are a Church planting movement that is dedicated to going into the darkest areas of society with the the light and love of Jesus  with a Church that meets the greatest needs of the communities that they are in. If you are interested in planting a Victory Outreach or having your church become a part of the Victory Outreach family please message us below

Victory Outreach Leadership School

Victory Outreach Leadership School is a mentorship  program that focuses on building leaders that are equipped to reach the deepest and greatest needs of society. Jesus Called His disciples and said follow m and I will make you fishers of men. We believe it is in the going that he makes us. We take this hands on real life hands on approach to learning. While each resident is taking our bible college courses they are also leading a major ministry while being mentored by one of our pastors. The goal is to build pastors and ministers that can plant and run real ministries upon completion.

This is a 1 year  free program.

If you want more info please message us below.

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