Her Victory

Women all over the world are stuck in  a life of sexual exploitation, abuse, addiction, and being trafficked.

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To see sexual exploitation of women end in our life time.  


To Rescue women from a life of sexual exploitation, abuse, addiction, being trafficked, and serving those who are caught in the sex industry.

We offer

One on One Support workers

.Every situation is unique and we meet these women where they are at and go at length to provide the necessary help they need. Secure Housing, food, finances, medical help, and other necessary resources.

Drop-in Hours

Our doors are open Tuesdays to Thursdays from 11am to 3pm with workers on site


We offer hot showers, clean towels, hygiene packs, beauty packs, and provide a safe place that brings dignity and places value on the girls. 

Hot meals & Hampers

We provide hot meals 4 days week. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sundays. We also provide short term emergency food hampers and long term hampers as well.


We have a fully stocked clothing room where we offer warm clothes, socks, coats, and other necessary clothing items.

Medical Services

We have partnered with AHS to provide  basic testing and supports for the girls


We have Men's and women's transitional housing that we offer to people

Outreach workers / Street Teams

We have Outreach workers hitting the streets to find and serve the girls where they are at so that when they are ready to exit the industry they know where to go.

Real women, Real Stories

Take a Stand

Together with your help and support, we can reach and rescue more Women.
Partner with us and change lives forever.

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I have been through other treatment programs and left half way through. I fell back into my old lifestyle and addiction and was right back where I started, hanging out with the same bad crowd. I connected with HER Victory months ago and they were interested in me and my journey to healing. It didn’t happen over night but I met with them daily, they held my hand through detox, they set up daily goals and plans, put believers in my life to pray with me, they advocated for me with my PO and family. I am now 3 weeks sober, I attend Eastside Church on Sundays, I complete my community hours and volunteer there and attend weekday bible study classes at the Church. I feel joy again, I think clearly and God is in my life


I fail everyday in my addiction, yet I come to see the HER Victory staff and you love me still and there is no judgement. I have never been judged here for my choices. I do not know where I would be without this Church, I think I would be dead.

- Izzy


I see the help, love, community and support that I got firstly through you at the church, which in turn was my first real meaningful healing in my journey this time around as you reminded me about God’s love for me and through that first step so many doors have opened. Better yet, through the power and love He has for me is the doors that have closed finally in my life.
Although I still have many chapters to wrap up and move on from through the simple small conversations I have had with yourself and many of the Pastor’s, staff and volunteers through Her Victory the drug and drink chapter of my life has finally after 20 years of my 33 years of my life on this earth is over. I’ve simply walked away into healing and growth I never thought to be possible so easily while at the same time giving back in the same rough traumatic area I grew up in and beside many of the same people I use to be in active addiction with.
You have no idea as to how grateful and humbled I am that I am so easily loved and accepted and provided for through the church.

- Jill

Connect with the Her Victory Team

Call 403-273-1050   ext. 7

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